Fox News Anchor Greg Jarrett’s Public Arrest

When public figures get arrested in public, it becomes very, well, publicly known.

By now, most have heard that Greg Jarrett the Fox News anchor was arrested yesterday at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. He was reportedly intoxicated and disturbing the peace at the Northern Lights Grill – an airport bar inside the main terminal. Minneapolis police responded to a complaint that Jarrett was drunk, belligerent and refusing to follow orders. Police detained him at the Hennepin County Jail that night, charging him with obstructing the legal process and interfering with a peace officer. This occurred just a week after he took a leave of absence from Fox News, for “personal reasons.”

Jarrett has been the weekend co-anchor for Fox News since 2002, but this role may be on shaky ground, as a Fox News spokesperson released a statement saying “We were made aware late last night that Gregg Jarrett was arrested in Minneapolis yesterday and charged with a misdemeanor,” and that, “He is dealing with serious personal issues at this time. A date at which Gregg might return to air has yet to be determined.”

The shame and guilt from acting out of character while intoxicated impacts many, this is likely compounded when it is in the public eye and impacts one’s professional and public reputation.

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