Alcohol and Regret: CO Woman Arrested 3 Times in 1 Week for DUI

We all know that alcohol lowers inhibitions. Young adults and college students are often warned of this when they become of legal drinking age. They are urged to drink responsibly so they don’t engage in irresponsible behaviors. 

Despite warnings, many have experiences where their inhibitions were lowered and they are filled with regret and/or shame. A regrettable night of drinking doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with alcohol. However several regrettable experiences may point to a problem.

This is often referred to as the “built in forgetter” – when someone is faced with the decision to drink or have another drink they forget their previous regrettable experiences that resulted from drinking, With the problem drinker, this happens over and over. This was certainly the case with a Colorado woman who was arrested three times last week for drunk driving.

The 40-year-old mother, Kimberly Micheloni, was arrested on May 13th, 14th and 20th for drunk driving and is currently being held at the Douglass County Detention Center on 225K bail. She remorsefully stated “I am so sorry and if I hurt anyone it was wrong, it was just wrong.”

However, she also blamed it on medication, saying her reckless decision making may have been because she was on prescription medication at the time of her arrests. In addition to the DUI charges, she is being charged for child abuse because a child was in her car at the time of her first arrest. Why she wasn’t put in jail during the first or second arrest is still in question.

For those that have negative experiences as a result of drinking, there is usually one major experience that pushes them to seek addiction treatment. This is often referred to as their “bottom.” Thankfully Micheloni didn’t hurt anyone while driving under the influence, and hopefully the three arrests will be her bottom.

Here is an interview with her at the Douglass County Detention Center ….

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