Residential Addiction Treatment

Our primary residential addiction treatment tracks consists of the men’s, women’s, and young adults’ programs. These programs are gender separate, with men and women living and receiving treatment in separate facilities. This allows them to address the issues that affect each gender differently and factors that contribute to the disease of addiction.

Therapy is primarily group based, and clients attend group therapy sessions in the morning. Afternoons are set aside for educational offerings and weekly meetings with a primary therapist and a case manager. Additional services, such as an opiate support group, an LGBTQ+ group, and young adult recovery group, take place in the afternoon as well. Clients also attend 12-Step meetings every day.

Harmony’s setting among the mountains plays a role in the recovery process. The renewal and groundedness that comes from this special place helps clients learn to rely on the strength that comes through surrender. Many connect with or renew their spirituality, learning to trust in a higher power. The raw energy of the Rockies releases the guilt and stress of addiction, providing an opportunity for healing.

As part of the residential experience, clients who are diagnosed with mental health issues—such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, and other trauma-related responses—will meet with our mental health and medical staff to address medication management. We work with our clients to teach them healthy coping skills to help them manage their co-occurring issues.