Was She Drunk? Czech Woman Hit by Train

It is estimated that 40,933 people in the US die each year from alcohol related accidents. Not all accidents are car crashes, in fact many are other accidents such as falls, cuts or being hit by other vehicles.

This includes the devastating story of Devon Arnold who was mysteriously found dead in 2010 on railroad tracks after he had been drinking at a Denver Nuggets game. A train had apparently hit him more than 2 miles from where he was last seen and no one knew how he had gotten onto the tracks.

These stories happen everywhere, not limited to the US – and just last week a young Czech woman believed to be drunk almost lost her life after she was run over by a subway train. A video captured her staggering around the edge of the train tracks until she fell in. Seconds later a train came and ran her over.

In the video below you see the aftermath of the accident, whereby she is shockingly pulled out from under the train unscathed and simply dusts herself off and walks away after refusing a breathalyzer and medical treatment.

Unfortunately many aren’t so lucky to be able to walk away from alcohol related accidents. Those who are often use the experience as a wake up call to limit their consumption of alcohol. Those who don’t take incidents seriously, and continue to drink heavily despite past falls or other accidents, may have a problem with alcohol.

After getting sober many look back on their past recklessness and praise the fact that they are still alive and healthy. Some even use the fact that they never experienced physical harm as spiritual fuel to support their sobriety. Many seek out addiction treatment after negative experiences while drinking that put them in harm’s way. If you are concerned about your own safety while drinking or that of another, Harmony Foundation has alcohol treatment for adults and young adults.

The jury is still out on whether the Czech woman was drunk or just sleepy, you can form your own opinion after watching this video: