The Long Term Effects of Young Adult Alcohol Abuse

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A recent study has shown that adolescents that engage in binge drinking are more likely to develop anxiety disorders and alcohol addictions in adulthood. The study found that engaging in binge drinking while still an adolescent resulted in changes in genes needed for normal brain development. These changes were found to be long lasting in some individuals, and permanent in others. The damage was done after binge drinking while young, even with long periods of abstinence from alcohol.

This study further illustrates the dangers of drinking and addiction in adolescents and young adults. While binge drinking during adolescence, the brain doesn’t develop as it should. The same occurrence is thought to happen when young people abuse drugs. The development of the brain is hindered, and the consequences of that affect the individual the rest of their life.

Navigating through one’s adolescence years is difficult enough as it is. Once addiction comes into play, a young person’s life can quickly unravel. These years are crucial for the development of all aspects of a person, and participating in drinking alcohol or using drugs will hinder growth in all aspects.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether or not a young adult is addicted, or simply experimenting. A parent or loved one may be hesitant to address the issue because they associate the young person drinking or using drugs as a normal aspect of growing up. Drinking or using drugs in adolescence is detrimental to development, and if there is any suspicion that the young person may be addicted action should be taken immediately.

Our Young Adult Recovery Track focuses on the specific needs of young people. We offer the highest level of age specific care. A family program is available to assist the family through the most difficult of times, educate them on the disease of addiction, and help the family unit recover. If you would like more information on what Harmony Foundation can offer you, please contact us today.