The Addiction Recovery Journey for Partners & Spouses

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

Addiction strongly affects partners and spouses. They often feel confused, lost, angry and ambivalent in their own therapeutic process. This webinar provides an overview of clinical skill-building to help engage partners in their own process which can help support a healthy relationship.

Melissa Barbash, MA, LPC, LAC
Founder of RecoverMe Counseling

As a former residential treatment clinician, former partner of recovering alcoholic, private practice therapist, and group therapy leader for women in relationships affected by addiction, Melissa has worked in a variety of settings as a therapist, from corrections and residential treatment to private practice, which allows her deep insight into the different challenges clients can experience throughout life.Ā  Melissa founded RecoverMe Counseling and has built her practice with a focus on group therapy, relationships & connection, substance abuse treatment, and identity development. Melissa is especially passionate about helping women who are in relationships affected by addiction. Melissa’s career as a therapist is also greatly influenced by her time spent facilitating group therapy. She remains actively involved in continuing education of group therapy, both as a participant and facilitator. Melissa is currently an active member of the American Group Psychotherapy Society (AGPA) and is the conference chair for the upcoming Four Corners Group Psychotherapy Society conference in Denver.