Spaces Left for Harmony’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat in May

Weekend Spiritual Renewal Retreat, Estes Park, Colorado 

As a leader in the field of addiction treatment, Harmony Foundation recognizes the importance of consistently nurturing one’s spiritual practice. That is why we are offering a weekend Spiritual Renewal Retreat at the beginning of May. 
The retreat will be facilitated by Harmony Foundation’s spiritual advisors Marty Faraguna and Debra Avezzano who describe the retreat as a “weekend for participants will be a time to relax and step away from the day to day routine of life and refocus on and revitalize their spiritual journey. In a serene, intimate environment the spirit will be nurtured in relationship with others through meditation, laughter, discussion, and other activities.” 
Through several workshops, classes and opportunities for prayer and meditation, participants will have ample opportunity to rekindle, reflect and reprioritize their personal spiritual beliefs. The goal for the retreat is to offer each participant the ability to integrate their spiritual realizations into their daily lives after the retreat. Here are more details: 
Friday through Sunday, May 2-4 For Harmony Alumni and Friends 

Join us at the luxurious Fall River Lodge in Estes Park 
$225.00 per person $375.00 per couple 
*Retreat price includes: Meals, Lodging, Activities and more . . . 
Facilitated by Spiritual Advisors Marty Faraguna and Debra Avezzano 
For Information and Registration Call Debra (970) 577-3160or e-mail her at 

Spiritual Renewal Retreat Agenda – May 2014 

Friday, May 2 
3:30 Participants Arrival & Room Assignments 
4:15 Meet and Greet 
4:45 Dot Dorman, Harmony CEO 
5:30 DINNER 
7:00 Music Therapy 
Saturday, May 3 

6:30 Yoga 
8:45 Spirituality: A Larger Perspective 
10:00 Healing Touch Mini-Presentation/Chair Massages 
10:30 Guided Meditation 
12:00 LUNCH 
1:15 Labyrinth History & Meditation Walk 
4:00 Quiet time by the River 
5:30 DINNER 
6:30 Centering Prayer 
7:15 Buddhist Meditation 
Sunday, May 4 
6:30 Yoga 
7:45 Breakfast 
9:00 Participants Share their Journey 
10:15 Closing Prayer

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