School Mental Health Providers: Another Resource for Addiction Counselors and Others

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*


School Mental Health services have been in the spotlight lately on a national level, yet if you are not a school based provider it can be unclear as to what the term means. While there are some similarities, there are significant differences between school based and clinical or community based mental health services. Whether you are a parent, guardian or provider, this is a potential resource that should be accessed when working with families and youth. Knowing the differences will make access to services clearer and more efficient. The differences include: what can and cannot be provided, jargon (know the language), education and training which leads to different titles and levels of support, and the specific laws that influence the practice of mental health support in the school setting.

This presentation will be an overview of the importance of community members and providers knowing about school mental health services and how they can be a powerful ally in supporting students, their families and community members.

Presented by:
Linda Burdick, EdS, NCSP, LP

Ms. Burdick is currently the School Psychologist for a PK-12 charter school in Ken Caryl, Colorado. She is a National Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor, specializing in trauma informed care and grief. Her first job involving addicts and their families was working for the University Counseling Center and Roadhouse Crisis Line at Colorado State University. When her master’s degree, she worked as a social worker at Girls Club of San Diego and the Family Service Center at Miramar Naval Air Station. Her first job after graduating was working with the Navajo in Gallup, NM. Her introduction to Harmony Foundation came when, obtaining her education specialist degree, she worked for University of Colorado, Addiction Research and Treatment Services. For self-care, Ms. Burdick is a volunteer genealogist, volunteer instructor for American Red Cross Save A Life community program, knits lap robes for veterans, and enjoys her 2 cats, Kokoi and Kali.