Putting Recovery First This Christmas


With Christmas less than a day away, those in recovery should already have a plan in place for navigating through the day without using a drink or a drug. It is important, even if you are traveling, to put your recovery first during the holiday; failing to do so can be dangerous and potentially lead to a relapse. Everyone wants to take part in the festivities, but for those in recovery it is paramount that we make safe and smart decisions. If you are new to recovery then it is always best to run your plan by your sponsor or recovery mentor, they can tell you if your plan is both sound and conducive to recovery.

If you are away from your family or your family is not a part of your life, it is best to make plans with your recovery peers. The people who are in your support network are both your friends and allies, being around them during the holiday will better ensure that you will make it through the day sober. Addicts and alcoholics often want to isolate themselves, especially when they are emotional. However, being alone for a significant amount of time can be a slippery slope that can lead to a relapse.

There will be many 12-step meetings that you can attend tomorrow, and everyone in recovery should make an effort to attend at least one. Attending multiple meetings on a holiday is not uncommon, and if you are having a hard time tomorrow it is wise to go to as many meetings as you need. Even if you are not struggling, it is safe to say that somebody else will be; you may be able to help another work through their problem.

Remember to take a moment tomorrow to reflect on that for which you are grateful. If you are working a program and staying abstinent, then you probably have a lot to be grateful for. It is likely that a number of people helped to you get where you are today, and it can be beneficial for you to let them know how happy you are to have them in your life.

Harmony Foundation would like to wish everyone in recovery a Merry Christmas. Never forget that the hand of recovery is always there for those who reach for it.