Matthew Perry Opens Malibu Sober Home for Men

Awhile back we blogged about how Russell Brand was turning his home into a yoga studio, now the word is that Matthew Perry is turning his Malibu mansion into a sober living home for addicts and alcoholics in recovery. Perry has been sober since 2009 and is now strong in his recovery after years riddled with addiction treatment and relapse – which was very much in the public eye.

He has recently joined forces for good with Earl Hightower, the well known interventionist and addiction specialist. Hightower has said that the most challenging part of recovery and gap in addiction services is the 60 days that follow inpatient treatment. Harmony Foundation also recognized this problem and has developed a strong aftercare program – including our mobile phone app to assist alumni in their recovery process.

Together Perry and Hightower are turning Perry’s former Malibu home that he still owns into a sober living home for men. Perry shares Hightower’s belief that there needs to be more recovery support following treatment and says, “If you’re thrown from treatment to the outside world, sometimes it’s too bumpy.” On his relapses after treatment in 1997 and 2001, Perry said, “ I was a sick guy” which is what sparked his initiation of creating the sober residence with Hightower.

In recognition of their efforts, the Office of National Drug Control Policy honored them with the Champion of Recovery Award, to which Perry jokes “now we are award winning alcoholics.” And it is good they were rewarded for their efforts, but much of the reward comes from the satisfaction of being of service to others. Addiction treatment professionals say that helping others after getting sober can help reduce the propensity for relapse. It also helps more people become sober today as those in recovery are taught to give back what was given to them when they first sought help from fellows in recovery.