College Re-entry During COVID-19: Enrollment, Deferment, and More!

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

Returning to college after residential treatment is tough enough as it is. Factor in a global pandemic and the hourly development of changes in higher education and you have yourself the perfect storm for a chaotic re-entry into collegiate life. Unfortunately, the landscape of higher education is going to become more complex and virtual, rather than as-expected and in-person. In this webinar we will highlight the “normal” challenges to enrolling in college post-treatment, discuss the most recent national trends in Admissions and Enrollment, and talk about some out-of-the-box resources those who are in treatment may need to start exploring. This presentation will validate and support attendees’ concerns about re-entry onto the college campus, and reinforce the importance of ensuring each young adult has the support they need before going back to school.

Joanna specializes in helping young adults and their families during the most important time in adulthood. She proactively supports young adults with a mental health or addiction history who are launching into the collegiate world, or reactively provides support when the young adult launches and unravels. Regardless of the transition timeline, Lilley Consulting can step in to provide resources and guidance.

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