JG 2019

Jim Geckler


Jim is a native of Buffalo, NY who has served the recovery community in a professional capacity for almost 20 years. Jim has constantly sought to open the path to treatment for families and individuals.  His experience in addiction treatment has touched all phases of the continuum of care, from establishing the first LGBT recovery residence in Minneapolis to leading families through the process of intervention as Chief Operating Officer of Addiction Intervention Resources, to multiple leadership roles at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

As Chief Executive Officer at the Harmony Foundation, Colorado’s oldest residential treatment program, Jim has focused on increasing Harmony’s capacity to meet the unique needs of people who struggle with substance use disorder. His greatest honor is helping people find new ways to manage life.

Work at Harmony brought Jim and his family to Colorado, where they have set down roots in Allenspark. His passion for community engagement led him to a position on the Estes Park Restorative Justice board, supporting alternate opportunities for people to make amends to their community. Jim and his husband Peter are pleased to be a part of the Estes Valley and excited to be Coloradans.

Email: jgeckler@harmonyfoundationinc.com